the alpha property doesn't work!

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the alpha property doesn't work!

mojtaba tabatabaie
hi ,my first post here , I have a Text3D object and I add it as a child to my 
container(baseNode) . I have defined a function for onImageFound and 
onImageLost and when these two happen the alpha property of this text 
changes . it works fine but I also want the text property of my text 
to change on different circumstances , and when I change the my text 
with these codes: 

text1="second string"; 
mytext3D.text = text1; 

the fade in and out effect of the text doesn't work anymore! 
I should mention that my  container doesn't use "useOwnContainer" and 
it's got a defined layer and my text also has a defined layer that 
I've defined with these codes: 

textLayer1 = viewport.getChildLayer(mytext3D); 

I'll be appreciated if someone can help me with this 

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