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Model Problem

Hi there group!

We have an issue with a 3D model in Augmented Reality and we have not idea after try and try to resolve.

This is the 3D Model:
And this is the 3D Model in AR:

The character has a basic animation, just move its head, its fingers and turn back.

The issue is that when I move the marker, first the scene without the character moves and then the character moves; please see another image to understand me:

We have tried some solutions, like group the model, link the character to the chair, load two differents models, but nothing works.

We are using Papervision3D and FLARToolKit (not FLARManager) and OpenCollada to export the 3D Model.
We have tried QuadrantRenderEngine too, but it is so slow.

In FLARToolKit mailing list Makc said to me that is a PV3D issue, because FLARToolKit just let me use the markerm and PV3D give me the code to load the 3D Model as DAE.

The only thing that comes to our minds is that character has 3000 polygons and the rest 500, so is so hard to the render engine move all at the same time, and is easy move first the objects with 500 polygons and then the objects with 3000 polygons.

Do you have any idea?

Thank you so much,


Sergio Daniel Fernández González (AKA ZoiX)

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