Advice needed!! thanks in advance.

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Advice needed!! thanks in advance.

Dear Pv3D gurus,

All this while i have been trying to make a 2d editor which will help me to draw maps by just drawing lines around in the 2d screen for the walls and other library items which has an equivalent 3d representation for a FPS based game. Then i take those line starting and end point values and construct them as 3D walls using rectangles/planes by deciphering the x,y,z and rotational values mathematically( just by applying 2d y value as z value in 3d. The height of the wall is arbitrarily chosen. The rotation value is calculated using Math.atan2(lineend.y - linestart.y,lineend.x - linestart.x)) based on the x,y values from the map created using 2d. All i see is that the 2d points are successfully converted and i see the same orientation and shape correctly in 3D which is reproduced as rooms using Rectangle and Plane class of papervision3D.

But somehow i am not happy with the results coz the perspective(focus and zoom) seems to  change based on the arbitrary height values(i guess so) i give while reconstructing the walls from the 2d line values. Where as if i use a 3D modeling program like blender or sketchup to draw the 3D directly then the models are rendered perfectly as visualized and created without any problems.

My question here is if we manually add Rectangles and Planes (the primitive objects) to construct a room does not give the feel but where as the model of a room designed in a 3d program is beautifully rendered. Is there any thing that i am missing here? are there any other special properties that comes with a collada that fixes the way our pv3d camera renders the display object?

Please help and your suggestions and advices would be appreciated.


Ashok Srinivasan.