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3ds UV mapping

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Hi everyone,

the today problem, as briefly explained in the title, concerns texturing a collada export.
Basically I was exporting collada models from Cinema 4d with its uv map. I was able to see everything, but the texture was not displaying properly (hidden polygons).

So I decided to try with 3dsMax. I used the same code to display the texture :

var materials:MaterialsList = new MaterialsList();
var torusMaterial:BitmapFileMaterial = new BitmapFileMaterial("model/tex.png");
torusMaterial.precise = true;
materials.addMaterial(torusMaterial, "ID1");

Again, I can see every elements, but this time my model uses only one pixel of my texture. So if I use a red texture and if I color only the pixel at the left bottom corner in green, all my model will be green.

Any advice about how to properly wrap the texture around a 3ds export model ?
Thank you.